High solubility and stability of artemisinin in aqueous infusions

L'artemisinine est soluble et stable dans l'eau

For 30 years, it was claimed that Artemisia annua tea infusions could not be used as remedy because artemisinin was barely soluble in water. The “WHO Position Statement on Effectiveness of Non-tablet Forms of Artemisia annua L against Malaria “, present for long years on the WHO site, not dated, not signed, not refenced, bluntly states: “it is virtually impossible for a tea bag to contain the amount of substance required to cure malaria. Artemisinin … is unstable when heated. Boiling water to make tea may cause it to lose any...

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PCR genotyping: reliable or misleading

ACT: des doutes sur le PCR

PCR genotyping: reliable or misleading? A press release from Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute raised a lot of concern. Based on a scientific paper published in Nature Magnus Manske, Olivo Miotto, Susana Campino, Sarah Auburn, Jacob Almagro-Garcia, Gareth Maslen, Jack O’Brien, Abdoulaye Djimde, Analysis of Plasmodium falciparum diversity in natural infections by deep sequencing. Nature 487, 375–379, 19 July 2012 doi:10.1038/nature11174 Studies from 2009 already asked the same question. Juliano JJ, Gadalla N, Sutherland CJ,...

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Malaria recrudescence worldwide in 2017

Mehr Malaria, nicht weniger 2017

Bigpharma-WHO-Gates desperately try to ignore peer reviewed scientific papers documenting the spread of ACT resistance in at least 12 African countries (see “Artemisinin resistance In Africa” Several medical teams in Africa have demonstrated in randomized, double blind clinical trials that Artemisia infusions are powerful in therapy and prophylaxis (see “Breaking news from clinical trials with Artemisia plants” How long will the business and genocide with nets, pills and dubious...

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Are in vitro antimalarial assays a waste of time?

In vitro efficiency does not guarantee in vivo

Most of the assessments on the antimalarial efficacy of a molecule are made in vitro. In the case of plant material, the first step is generally the extraction with an organic solvent. The extract is then lyophilized, frozen and stored for subsequent trials. A recent research paper from the University of Al Quds Akkawi M, Jaber S, Abu-Remeleh Q, Engeu OP, Lutgen P (2014) . Investigations of Artemisia Annua and Artemisia sieberi Water Extracts Inhibitory Effects on β-Hematin Formation. Med Aromat Plants 3: 150. doi:...

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Serbian or Chinese invention of artemisinin

Jeremic o Yoututu

Artemisia annua came under the spotlight during the Vietnam War. Viêt-Cong who operated in swamps and rain forests lost more soldiers by mosquito bites than by American bullets. Ho Chi Min turned to China for help. Researchers at the Chinese Institute of Material Medicine had found a region of China that reported no malaria cases, and when they investigated, they discovered that its people drank a decoction of Artemisia annua at the first symptoms of malaria. And actually, wild Artemisia has been used for millenniums in several regions of...

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